Honors and awards

2017, Special Contribution Award, Hanarang Rural Cultural Foundation

2018, Global Award, Challenge Korea

2019, Challenge-Maker Award, Challenge Korea 


Selected Speeches, Presentations, and Media Appearances

2016 CSR Film Festival, 2016 대한민국CSR 필름페스티벌– 북한이탈주민글로벌교육센타(TNKR), 2016-10-19.

Youtube, “North Korea: the place that doesn’t exist” (full version), interviewee, 2016-10-17.

TBS eFM, “North Korean refugee adjustment,” speaker, 2016-10-14. (Radio)

BeFM, “Teach North Korean Refugees,” speaker, 2016-10-13. (Radio)

Asia Institute, “Diverse Secondary Education in South Korea,” speaker, 2016-10-09. (Seoul, Korea)

Joongang Daily podcast, “A Son’s Fight,” 2016-10-06. (Podcast)

Q&A Korea, “Korea Betrayed, featuring Don Kirk,” host, 2016-10-02. (Seoul, Korea)

동아일보(Donga), “새터민에게무료영어가르치는하버드大출신미국인,” by 이원주,2016-09-26.

Epistemological Institute, “What is TNKR?” Speaker, 2016-09-25. (Seoul, Korea)

Little Big Heroes, tvN, “Teach North Korean Refugees helping North Korean Refugees,” 2016-09-12 and 2016-09-18. (TV)

Q&A Korea, “Oh Young Jin, Korea Times Chief Editorial Writer,” Host, 2016-09-18. (Seoul)

Q&A Korea, “What is libertarianism? George Whitfield explains,” Host, 2016-08-28. (Seoul)

TBS eFM 101.3, “Korean Reunification at the Dinner Table,” Organizer, 2016-08-22.

TNKR 4th English speech contest, “I escaped from North Korea, Now What?” Host, 2016-08-20. (Seoul)

Seoul Libertarian Party meetup group, “What is TNKR?” Speaker, 2016-08-12. (Seoul)

Korea Times roundtable, “Enforced Disappearances,” speaker, 2016-08-11. (Seoul)

KBS, “Refugees studying English,” interviewee, 2016-08-08. (KBS TV)

TNKR/Friedman Foundation, “Milton Friedman’s Legacy, Evening Celebration & TNKR Open House,” speaker, 2016-08-05. (Seoul)

문화일보(Munhwa), 탈북민들영어능력키워꿈이룰수있도록도와야죠” by 최준영, 2016-08-05.

Naver, “탈북민들영어능력키워꿈이룰수있도록도와야죠, 2016-08-05

뉴포커스New Focus, “탈북민들이가장고마워하는“TNKR,’” by 장진성, 2016-08-01.

New Focus International, [Interview] Refugees say ‘Thank You’ to TNKR, by Jang Jin-sung, 2016-08-01.

Seoul University of Foreign Studies, “Stories from the North II,” Speaker, 2016-07-31. (Seoul)

TNKR, Speech to Middle School students, Speaker, 2016-07-19. (Seoul)

United Nations, “Roundtable discussion featuring NK refugees,” speaker, 2016-06-30. (Seoul)

Kent Kim Show 100 Times Brave, “Storming the Bastille,” Speaker, 2016-06-28. (Seoul)

International Students documentary, FIND THE TITLE, 2016-06-28. (Seoul)

Mini-Ted Meetup, “North Korean refugee Ken Eom,” organizer, 2016-06-26. (Seoul)

Rally, “#BringMyFatherHome,” Speaker, 2016-06-17. (Seoul)

Prince Dance Party, Speaker, 2016-06-04. (Seoul)

Students for Liberty Korea, “Storming the Bastille,” Keynote Speaker, 2016-05-28. (Seoul)

International Women’s Group, “TNKR,” 2016-05-28. (Seoul)

German Club, TNKR, Speaker, 2016-05-26. (Seoul)

Radio Free Chosun, 꽃미남KC (Pretty Flower Man), 2016-05-15. (YouTube)

Viu TV Hong Kong, Introducing TNKR, Speaker, 2016-05-06. (Hong Kong)

Korea Times Roundtable, “Race in Korea,” Speaker, 2016-04-28 (Seoul)

CSR Film Festival, History of Teach North Korean Refugees, 2011-04-16.

Osan Air Force base, TNKR, Speaker, 2016-04-06. (Seoul)

International Volunteers Workshop, “How to Help North Koreans,” Speaker, 2016-03-20. (Seoul)

Asia Leadership Trek, “Introduction to TNKR,” Speaker, 2016-03-19.

Atlas Network, “Atlas Leadership Academy Grad Brings Life Skills to North Korean Refugees,” 2016-03-18.

BeFM, Busan Inside Out Busan, “What is TNKR?” Guest, 2016-03-02. (Busan)

WomenLabKorea, “Far From Heaven. The Unspeakable Lives of North Korean Refugees,” speaker, 2016-02-29. (Seoul, Korea)

TNKR Third English speech contest, “How can I help North Koreans? Here’s my plan!” Speaker, 2016-02-27. (Seoul)

KBS Donation, “Sharing Happiness,” Speaker, 2016-02-20. (Seoul)

American Women’s Club, “North Korean refugees,” Speaker, 2016-02-02. (Seoul)

Korea International School, “North Korean refugees,” Organizer, 2016-02-02. (Seoul)

KBS World Radio, TNKR, Guest, 2016-01-09. (KBS World Radio)

Atlas Network, “Teach North Korean Refugees Featured on Voice of America Broadcast,” 2015-12-14.

Finland documentary, “Learning about North Korea,” organizer, 2015-12-03. (Seoul).

Voice of America, “미국인설립단체, 한국내탈북자무료영어교육제공,” 장양희, 2015-12-01.

Yonhap News 연합뉴스, “탈북자에무료영어강의주선미국인라티그씨,” by 이봉석, 2015-11-01.

North Korean Network, “Special Charity Happy Hour with Casey Lartigue of Teach North Korean Refugees,” speaker, 2015-11-20. (Washington, DC)

University of Baltimore, “TNKR fundraiser,” Speaker, 2015-11-19. (Baltimore, MD)

Yale University, TNKR, Speaker, 2015-11-17. (New Haven, CT)

Tufts University, TNKR, Speaker, 2015-11-16 (Somerville, MA).

Harvard University Graduate School of Education, “TNKR,” 2015-11-16. (Cambridge, MA)

Columbia University Teachers College, “TNKR,” 2015-11-12. (New York City, NY)

Sungkyungkwan University, “Sharon’s Story,” Speaker, 2015-10-27. (Seoul)

Unification Media Group, #신지은의통일공감11회케이시라티그(TNKR 창립자), 2015-10-23.

Osan Air Force Base, “Even the Translator Cried,” Speaker, 2015-10-22. (Osan, Korea)

Shin and Kim, “Sharon’s Story,” Organizer, 2015-10-20. (Seoul)

George Mason University-Korea, “Legacies of the Korean War,” Speaker, 2015-10-16. (Seongdo, Korea)

Seoul University of Foreign Studies, “Stories from the North,” Speaker, 2015-10-13. (Seoul)

Ask Ajumma, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-10-13. (Seoul)

Korea International School, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-09-22. (Bundang, Korea)

KBS News, Speaker, 2015-08-29. (KBS TV)

Unification Media Group, Nk Now, Outsider’s View on Tensions Over Loudspeakers, 2015-08-29

TNKR English Speech Contest, “What Freedom Means to Me,” 2015-08-22.

Freedom Factory, “Introducing Casey Lartigue, lecture to Daejin Girls School,” Speaker, 2015-08-17. (Seoul)

French Embassy, “Introducing TNKR,” 2015-08-12. (Seoul)

Korea University, “Comparative Law Class, Prof. Coles,” Speaker, 2015-08-03. (Seoul)

Korea University, “North Korea Class, Prof. Weathersby,” Speaker, 2015-08-03. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory/Friedman Foundation, “Milton Friedman’s Legacy, Evening Celebration,” speaker, 2015-07-29.

KCrush, “Interview with Casey Lartigue,” 2015-07-24. (KCrush)

Carolina Journal Radio, Radio Interview, 2015-07-07. (from 27 minutes)

Bali World Conference on Market Liberalization, “North Korean Refugees,” speaker, 2015-06-30. (Bali, Indonesia)

Free to Choose Media documentary, “Economic Freedom in Action, Changing Lives,” interview.

Asia Leadership Trek, “Introducing TNKR,” speaker, 2015-06-22. (Seoul)

University of Alberta/Amnesty International, “North Korean Voices,” speaker, 2015-06-19. (Skype to Canada)

John Locke Foundation, Casey Lartigue & Cherie Yang discuss North Korean refugees, 2015-06-05.

Catalyst Asia, “The American Known in North Korea,” by Josh Schenkkan, 2015-06-01.

Korea University, Adult and Continuing Education (ACE), “Building Global Learning Community through Communication, Trust, and Networking,” Speaker, 2015-05-30. (Seoul)

Human Rights Happy Hour, featured guest, 2015-05-26. (Washington, DC)

Harvard University Extension School Symposium, “Harvard Extension Alumni Association 2015 Innovation Symposium at Harvard University,” Speaker, 2015-05-24. (Cambridge, MA)

SBI Church, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-05-16. (Seoul)

Al Jazeera TV, North Korean Defectors Learn English to Communicate, 2015-05-03.

British Association Seoul, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-04-28. (Seoul)

MBC News TV, [대전MBC뉴스]한국정착, 영어로돕는다, interview, 2015-04-17.

Osan Air Force base, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-04-15. (Osan)

Dongguk University, Unification Club, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-04-08. (Speaker)

Unification Ministry, “TNKR,” Guest, 2015-04-08. (Seoul)

US Chamber of Commerce–Korea, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-03-18. (Seoul)

High School tour group, “North Korean refugees,” Speaker, 2015-03-17. (Seoul)

College tour group, “An evening with NK refugees,” Speaker, 2015-03-12. (Seoul)

중앙일보(Joongang), 탈북자에무료로영어가르치는외국인모임, by 백일현, 2015-03-11.

Mulmangcho/TNKR Fundraiser, Speaker, 2015-03-06. (Seoul)

TNKR English Speech Contest #1, “How you can help North Koreans,” MC, 2015-02-28. (Seoul)

Atlas Network and Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association, “Frederick Douglass, Human Rights and N. Korea,” speaker, 2015-02-14. (Washington, DC)

Frederick Memorial and Historical Association and the Atlas Network, “Forum Celebrating 197th Birthday of Frederick Douglass,” speaker, 2015-02-14.

Atlas Network & the John Locke Foundation, “Coming out of North Korea to Freedom,” speaker, 2015-02-12. (North Carolina)

Atlas Network and Foundation for Government Accountability, “The North Korean Experience,” speaker,” 2015-02-09. (Naples, Florida)

CBC Radio, “TNKR,” Guest, 2015-02-01. (Seoul).

Yongsan International School, Career Week, “Teach North Korean Refugees,” Speaker, 2015-01-30.

Yongsan International School, Career Week, “How to be a good volunteer,” Speaker, 2015-01-28.

Yongsan International School, Career Week, “Who was Harvard?” Speaker, 2015-01-27.

A North Korean Documentary, “North Korean testimonies, Bonus II, Teaching english to refugees program (420p),” 2015-01-22.

Asia Liberty Forum, “Freedom Champions in Asia: Reasons for Hope,” Speaker, 2015-01-09. (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Future Korea, “제자가르쳐북한인권세계에알린다” by Joe Park, 2015-01-06.

Asia Leadership Trek, “Introducing TNKR,” Speaker, 2015-01-02. (Seoul)

North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi, Dream jobs for women?[, 2014-12-23.

Severance Hospital, Christmas Party, MC, 2014-12-17. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory, “I lived under Kim Jong-Un,” MC, 2014-12-07. (Seoul)

Bastiat Institute, “North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi,” co-host, 2014-11-18. (Washington, DC)

Atlas Liberty Forum, “North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi,” co-host, 2014-11-13. (New York, NY)

Workshop, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2014-10-24. (Seoul)

Girls High School, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2014-10-15. (Seoul).

SR Wire, [인터뷰] “탈북자에기회를” 케이시라티그, 2014-10-15.

Atlas Network and Lion Rock Institute, “Atlas Network Experience in Hong Kong,” speaker, 2014-09-06. (Hong Kong)

North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi, “Hackathon For North Korea,” 2014-09-04.

Hong Kong documentary recording, “TNKR,” Guest, 2014-09-03. (Seoul)

Book Forum, “Trailblasian,” Speaker, 2014-08-30. (Seoul)

Radio Free Asia, “케이시라티그물망초학교국제자문,” 전수일, 2014-08-25.

North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi, Kkotjebi in Bloom, 2014-08-18.

Summer Camp, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2014-08-12. (Seoul)

Citizens Alliance for North Korean Human Rights, “North Korea Today, featuring Casey and Yeonmi” live recording, Co-host, 2014-08-11. (Seoul).

Nubian Drifter, “Casey Lartigue: An Advocate for Freedom,” by Sean Massenburg, 2014-08-06.

Freedom Factory/Friedman Foundation, “Milton Friedman’s Legacy, Evening Celebration,” speaker, 2014-08-03. (Seoul)

North Korea Today, “A Change is Gonna Come,” 2014-07-24.

Shanghai Austrian Economics Summit, “North Korean refugees,” speaker, 2014-07-19. (Shanghai, China)

Korea University, “Comparative Law Class, Marcus Cole,” Speaker, 2014-07-15. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory, “A Change is Gonna Come,” MC, 2014-07-13. (Seoul)

Radio Free Chosun, “꽃미남KC,” 2014-06-04.

Casey Lartigue Show with Yeonmi Park, North Koreans adjusting & re-defecting, 2014-05-23.

Freedom Factory, “Brown v. Board of Education, 60th Anniversary,” Speaker, 2014-05-17. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory/Center for Free Enterprise, “David Friedman lecture,” MC, 2014-05-08. (Seoul)

Casey Lartigue Show with Yeonmi Park, Bring Your Own Beer Bottles, 2014-05-07.

Casey Lartigue Show with Yeonmi Park, 2+2=Kill Americans, 2014-04-25.

BBC Radio 2, “Jeremy Vine Show,” Guest, 2014-04-21. (BBC Radio)

Atlas Network, “Promoting Freedom in Difficult Places: The Case of North Korea” at Atlas Network in Chicago, speaker, 2014-04-03. (Chicago, IL)

Atlas Network, “NYC Liberty Cafe: Promoting Freedom in Difficult Places, the Case of North Korea,” speaker, 2014-04-02. (New York, NY)

Atlas Network, “DC Liberty Cafe: Promoting Freedom in Difficult Places,” Atlas Network,” speaker, 2014-04-01. (Washington, DC)

Casey Lartigue Show with Yeonmi Park, “Juche dies, markets rise,” 2014-03-24.

Chadwick International School, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2014-03-18. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory, “Don’t Ask My Name,” Speaker, 2014-03-15. (Seoul)

Hong Kong documentary recording, Guest, 2014-03-02. (Seoul)

Canadian International School, “TNKR,” Speaker, 2014-02-14. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory, “Swiss economics,” organizer, 2014-01-21. (Seoul)

Asia Liberty Forum, “Freedom Champions in Asia: Reasons for Hope,” Speaker, 2014-01-09. (New Delhi, Indiana).

CGNTV, “English Matching for North Korean refugees, 2013-12-26.

TBS eFM 101.3, “Christmas parties,” Radio Guest, 2013-12-25. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory, “North Korean Men,” 2013-12-07. (Seoul)

Hope/Mulmangcho Halloween, Organizer, 2013-10-27. (Seoul)

Jaehyun High School, Speaker, 2013-10-24. (Seoul)

Swiss Documentary, Interviewee, 2013-10-20. (Seoul)

CityNet, “Young Professionals Congress,” Speaker, 2013-10-12. (Seoul)

Asia Pacific International School, “How to be a good volunteer,” Speaker, 2013-10-10. (Seoul)

English Matching/Third Culture Kids, “A Woman is a Flower,” Speaker, 2013-10-08. (Seoul)

Debate Hakwon, “How to be a good volunteer,” 2013-08-30. (Ulsan)

National Press Club, “Korean POWs,” Speaker, 2013-08-27. (Seoul)

Debate Hakwon, “What is Harvard?” Speaker, 2013-08-23. (Ulsan, Korea)

Freelance, “The Art of Dating,” Speaker, 2013-08-10. (Seoul)

Freedom Factory/Friedman Foundation, “Milton Friedman’s Legacy, Evening Celebration,” speaker, 2013-07-31.

10 Magazine, “The Real North Korea,” Organizer, 2013-07-21. (Seoul)

Daejin Girls High School, “What’s the Right–and Wrong–Thing to do?” Speaker, 2013-07-19. (Seoul)

High School, “What’s the Right–and Wrong–Thing to do?” Speaker, 2013-06-15. (Seoul)

10 Magazine, “Escape from Camp 14,” Moderator, 2013-05-03. (Seoul)

North Korean Freedom Week, “Road to Life Rally,” Speaker, 2013-04-30. (Seoul)

Liberty Society, “23 (mostly irrelevant) things about capitalism,” Liberty Society, speaker, 2012-08-22. (Seoul)

Seoul National University, “Global Competitiveness: Managing Oneself,” Career Frontier Program,, 2012-08-20. (Seoul)

Liberty Society, “Korea’s Hidden Economic Miracle,” speaker, 2012-08-16. (Seoul)

Liberty Society/Friedman Foundation, “Milton Friedman’s Legacy, Evening Celebration,” speaker, 2012-07-31. (Seoul)

Austrian Economics Summit, “Michael Sandel, Justice and Free Markets: What’s the Right—and Wrong—Thing to Do,” speaker, 2012-07/21. (Shanghai, China)

English Study Center, “Michael Sandel, Justice and Free Markets: What’s the Right—and Wrong—Thing to Do,” Roundtable Discussion, 2012-07-11. (Seoul)

Center for Free Enterprise, “A Free Market Interpretation of the Western Financial Crisis,” moderator, 2012-06-15. (Seoul)

Plan B Lifestyles, “Update from South Korea,” Overseas Radio, 2012-06-08 (Radio show).

School of Persuasion, “Making It Happen,” 2012-05-04 (Colorado).

Atlas Experience, “Reasons for Hope in South Korea,” 2012-04-25 (Colorado).

Center for Free Enterprise, “Nothing to Envy? Roundtable with North Korean refugee Lee Hyeon-seo,” host, 2012-04-05. (Seoul)

Center for Free Enterprise, “Sweden’s Welfare State: Fact and Fiction,” host and speaker, 2012-03-05.

TBS eFM, “Love vs. Economics on Valentine’s Day,” guest, 2012-02-14. (Radio)

China Radio International, “Global Youth Unemployment,” guest, 2012-02-09. (Radio)

Center for Free Enterprise, “Libertarianism and International Elections,” host, 2012-01-31. (Seoul)

Center for Free Enterprise, Atlas Shrugged: Part 1, movie showing, 2011-12-12. (Seoul)

China Radio International, “US Super Committee Fail,” guest, 2011-11-24. (Radio)

China Radio International, “South Korea Study Hours,” guest, 2011-10-21. (Radio)

Center for Free Enterprise, “The Strange Nature of Welfare Populism in Italy,” MC, 2011-10-18. (Korea)

Center for Free Enterprise, “The Death of Juche: The Rise of Markets in North Korea,” host, 2011-09-28. (Seoul)

Center for Free Enterprise, “We Can Do It” rap video, 2011-09-20.

Center for Free Enterprise, Welfare Populism: Lessons from Greece, MC, 2011-08-09. (Seoul)

Moderator, Roundtable discussion with Prof G. Marcus Cole, Center for Free Enterprise, 2011-08-02.

Emcee, Economic Freedom and the Wealth of Nations, CFE-Naumann Foundation, Koreana Hotel, 2011-07-07.

Global Youth Forum, Speaker, 2011-05-26 (Daejeon, Korea).

Korea Youth Work Agency, keynote speaker, 2011-05-23, Chunchon, Korea.

Naumann Foundation & Center for Local Autonomy, Hanyang University, 24th joint conference, ““Civic Participation in the decision making process at the local level : The case of the Washington, D,C., Opportunity Scholarship Program,” 2010-11-30. (Seoul).

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Guest on Teaching English Abroad, 2010-06-06.

Center for Free Enterprise, “Rome is Coming to You,” Speaker, 2010-10-26. (Seoul)

Ewha Voice newspaper, “Reflecting on my career: Reporter, Researcher, Writer, Media Commentator, Talk Show Host,” speaker, 2010-07-09. (Seoul)

Korea Foreign Company Employee Human Network, MC, 2010-06-18. (Seoul)

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Guest on Teaching English Abroad, 2009-10-03.

NPR, “News and Notes,” 2009-01-07.

NPR News and Notes, Roundtable: Where Should Obama Worship?, 2008-12-03. (Washington, DC)

NPR and Guardian, Blogging the presidential election, 2008-11-05.

NPR News and Notes, Roundtable: White Supremacists Voting For Obama? Guest, 2008-08-13. (Washington, DC)

NPR News and Notes, Roundtable: Sean Bell Protests & Presidential Politics 2008-05-07. (Washington, DC)

Guest speaker at four universities in North Carolina, 10/12-10/15/2009

Cato Institute, “Has the Government Been a Friend or Foe for Minority Groups?” speaker, 2008-02-27.

ForaTV, “Race and the State,” 2008-02-27.

ForaTV, “Can Republicans Win the African-American Vote? ,” 2008-02-27.,

NPR News and Notes, Bloggers’ Roundtable: Did Obama Lift Lines, 2008-02-20. (Washington, DC)

Howard University Television, “Let’s Talk Education,” 2008-02-17.

Howard University Television, Evening Exchange: Education, 2008-01-10 (c)

NPR News and Notes, Bloggers’ Roundtable: ‘Great’ Denzel Debate, 2008-01-02. (Washington, DC).

TV One’s Heartland Presidential Forum, “Community Values in Action,” Blogger, 2007-12-01.

NPR News and Notes, Bloggers’ Roundtable: Obama’s Bad Behavior, 2007-11-28. (Washington, DC)

NPR News and Notes, Bloggers’ Roundtable: Did Edwards Go Too Far?, 2007-10-03. (Washington, DC)

Morgan State University, Republican presidential debate, Blogger, “2007-09-27.

National Capital Area Skeptics Lecture, “Too Good to Be False: Memorandum 46 and other Race-Based Urban Legends,” Speaker, 2007-09-08. (Bethesda, MD)

NPR Tell Me More, “Effectiveness of Black Talk Radio Questioned,” Guest, 2007-08-09. (Washington, DC)

Guest, Paul Harris Radio Show, “Memo 46 Debunked,” 2007-08-21. (Radio)

NPR News and Notes, “Blogger Roundtable: YouTube Girls, Fairness Doctrine,” Guest, 2007-07-18. (Washington, DC)

Featured Guest, Ed Talk with Paul Preston, July 2007

Presidential Forum hosted by Tavis Smiley, “PBS All-American Presidential Forum” at Howard University, Blogger, 2007-06-29.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, Urban Legends and Conspiracy Theories, 2007-06-23.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host with guest Walter E. Williams on slavery, 2007-06-09.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, Memorandum 46, 2007-06-02.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-05-26.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host about Malcolm X, 2007-05-19

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host with Don Boudreaux on immigration, 2007-05-12

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host with Christopher Foreman and Deneen Borelli, 2007-05-05

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host with Walter E. Williams about reparations, 2007-04-28.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host with guest Kenn Blanchard on Virginia Tech aftermath and gun control, 2007-04-21.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host with LaShawn Barber on Imus and the Duke Rape case, 2007-04-14.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-04-07

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-03-31.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-03-24.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-03-17.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-03-10.

XM 169, “Casey Lartigue Show with Eliot Morgan,” Host, 2007-03-03.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guest Elijah Anderson, 2007-02-24.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Guest, 2007-02-08.

Miami Urban League and Center for Immigration Studies, Black Americans and Immigration, Invited expert commentator, 2007-01-11.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guest Walter E. Williams, 2006-12-15.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guest Elijah Anderson, 2006-12-13.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guests Valerie Bayham of the Institute for Justice and Dave Undis of Lifesharers, 2006-12-11.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guest Angelo Cordero, 2006-12-01.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guests Patricia A. Turner and Walter E. Williams, 2006-07-21.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Weekly Guest on education, 2006-03-10.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Weekly Guest on education, 2006-02-02.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with guests Jimmy Kilpatrick and Paul Zoch, 2005-03-17.

Keynote Speaker, Republican State Committee, Delaware, 2004-03-24.

XM 169, “Mind Yo’ Business,” Host with Guest Kaleem Caire, 2004-12-30.

C-SPAN, “Educational Freedom in Urban America,” 2004-05-11.

CatoAudio, Brown v. Board of Education, May 1, 2004.

Speaker, National Press Club (May 2003 & Sept. 2004)

Speaker, Black Alliance for Educational Options (March, 2004)

Speaker, Close-Up Foundation (March 2004)

Speaker, Public Policy Institute, “What Makes Public Education ‘Public”? 2004-02-06.

Freshmen legislators in Mississippi, “School Choice, Myths and Opportunities,” Speaker, 2003-11-19.

Excellent Education for Everyone, speaker, 2003-10-08.

Featured Guest, C-SPAN Washington Journal (October, 2003)

Manhattan Institute, Achievement Gap, Speaker, 2003-10-31.

C-SPAN, “School Vouchers,” 2003-09-27.

Keynote, Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association, 2003-09-20.

National Black Caucus of State Legislators Radio Hour, School Choice, Radio Guest, 2003-09(?).

Keynote, DC Parents for School Choice, 2003-09-19.

CatoAudio, “Casey Lartigue and Clint Bolick discuss school vouchers,” July 1, 2003.

National Head Start Association conference, Speaker, 2003-06-27.

Cato Institute, “Educational Freedom in Urban America,” Speaker and organizer, 2003-05-15.

Witness, House Committee on Government Reform, 2003-05-09.

Harvard University Law School, “No Child Left Behind: Progress or Empty Promises,” Moderator, 2003-04-12.

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Alumni of Color Conference, Speaker, 2003-03-01.

Black Alliance for Educational Options and Washington Scholarship Fund parent outreach meeting, “School Choice for you,” Speaker, 2003-02-08.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, “Education Freedom in Washington, D.C.,” 2002-12-26.

Cato Institute, “The Need for Educational Freedom in the Nation’s Capital,”, Speaker, 2002-12-10.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation Conference, “Choice in Education,” National Press Club Washington, DC 2002-10-11.

Cato Institute, Social Security and African Americans, Speaker, 2002-03-19.

Cato Institute, Ten Myths About School Choice, Speaker, 2002-03-14.

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Cato Institute)Policy Analysis No.461,原文发表时间是2002年10月。作者Casey Lartigue是加图研究所教育自由中心的政策分析师。原文已获得授权,禁止商业使用转载。2014-09-15.

原文選自加圖研究所(Cato Institute)Policy Analysis No.461,原文發表時間是2002年10月。作者Casey Lartigue是加圖研究所教育自由中心的政策分析師。2014-09-15

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Selected Affiliations (past and current)

  • Mulmangcho School, International Adviser
    ● Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association, Board of Trustees
    ● The Washington Scholarship Fund, Young Executive Network Board member
    ● Black Alliance for Educational Options, National Board of Directors
    ● Dupont Circle International Academy, Board of Trustees
    ● Harvard Graduate School of Education, Goodwill Ambassador
    ● William Doar Public Charter School for the Performing Arts, Board of Trustees
    ● ASCENT, Center for African-American Policy at the University of Denver, member
    ● Washington Association of Black Journalists, Member
    ● Project 21, Advisory Member
    ● The Korea Times, Columnist
    ● Black Menin America, Columnist
    ● The Indian Economist, Columnist

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