Getting Prepared

Are you passionate about helping others? Do you want to make a difference in the North Korean community? Are you seeking a new and rewarding experience? If so, then we would like to hear from you!

Before becoming a TNKR volunteer, applicants are required to attend both an orientation and a matching session. Information about upcoming events, including orientations and matching sessions, can be found on our Events page. Based on feedback, refugees say they prefer longer term connections with tutors, at least: 3-month commitment, tutoring or coaching at least twice a month, with each session lasting at least 90 minutes.

TNKR’s volunteer program is divided into two parts: Track 1 and Track 2. To learn more about the Tracks, and to decide which volunteering opportunity is right for you, see the descriptions below. Also, be sure to check out a few introductory videos at the TNKR YouTube channel.



Track 2 is designed for refugees who wish to focus on improving their public speaking, presentation, and writing skills. Refugees in Track 2 receive one-on-one coaching from a fluent or native English-speaking mentor.

Refugees in Track 2 might wish to prepare for and practice giving business or educational presentations, polish their writing in order to publish a book or essay, or improve their public speaking skills so that they can advocate on behalf of other North Koreans. Track 2 mentors will work closely with their students to outline specific goals and tailor their lessons accordingly.

Track 2 Application Checklist:

  • Online application
  • Formatted Resume (See ‘Step 2’)
  • ARC/Passport/State-level ID (photo or scan**)
  • TNKR waiver (photo or scan**)
  • Kakao Talk: Add Casey (“Y2KC“) on Kakao Talk,  then send a message: “Hello, my name is (       ), I am an applicant with TNKR hoping to join Track 2.”
  • TNKR Facebook group

**Recommended free scanning apps: CamScanner, Tiny Scanner

After being accepted, applicants agree to attend the mandatory Track 2 Orientation.


Application Process


Step 1. Submit Online Application

Consider which volunteer role you wish to apply for and fill out the application form by clicking “Apply Now” below.

Track 2, Coaching


Step 2. Create a Resume

This resume will be presented to the refugees. Please read this closely and follow for your resume to be accepted.

Resume Formatting Guidelines:

  • One-page maximum
  • Word document format (PDFs are NOT accepted)
  • Copy and paste the resume template(see template below)
  • 12-point type for main text, 14-point for your name
  • Photo(optional)
  • No fancy formatting
  • Rename file as:
    • Track 2 Resume: “(Track 2)Resume_FirstName_LastName
  • Be aware that this resume is for refugees to review, so make your pitch to them!

Resume Template (Copy & Paste):

TNKR Track 2 Resume
(photo, but not required)

1) Name: (Use the name you would like to be referred to by the refugees.)
2) Nationality:
3) Availability for coaching:

  • Location and Distance: (Starting location must begin in Seoul, and please indicate how far you are willing to travel from that point. Example: Seoul Station, Lines 1 & 4, 30 minutes
  • Days and Times: (Example:Monday -Friday,  5 pm to 8 pm)

4) Two preferred coaching skills: (Example skills for Track 2: speech, presentation skills, essay writing, etc)
5) Education background (mention current or latest school):
6) Employment (mention two jobs, at most):
7) One-paragraph introduction about yourself and why you want to join TNKR:
8) Contact Info: mobile number in Korea, Kakao ID, e-mail address (Note: This information will not be given to the refugees.)

Step 3. Submit Application Items

E-mail the following items to TNKR co-founder Casey Lartigue (

*Recommended free scanning apps: CamScanner, Tiny Scanner

To expedite your application:

  • Add Casey (“Y2KC“) on Kakao Messenger,  then send a message: “Hello, my name is (         ), I am an applicant with TNKR hoping to join Track 2.”
  • Join the TNKR Facebook group

Step 4. Wait for Review

After submitting your on-line application and e-mailing the required documents, please wait for a confirmation e-mail from TNKR.

We expect tutors to be prepared, so be sure to watch videos in the TNKR YouTube channel and read about TNKR’s history and process.