English Speech Contest #11

On August 30, from 2-5 PM, the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center (TNKR) will be holding its 11th English Speech contest.

North Korean refugees will be giving original speeches in English. To get prepared, participants work with speech coaches to help them sharpen their speeches.

This is a super special opportunity, as volunteers work directly with North Korean refugees getting prepared to speak in the contest.

We give first preference to TNKR Members (it is easy to join!), but all invited to apply.

Some previous winners of the contest include:

Sungju Lee, author of “Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea.”

Eunsun Kim, author of “A Thousand Miles to Freedom: My Escape from North Korea.”

Cherie Yang, TV personality and TEDx speaker.

Eunhee Park, TV personality and TEDx speaker. 



Application Process


Submit Online Application

Step 1: Apply here: Coaching

Documents you will need:

  • Formatted Resume (keep in mind this will be your one opportunity to communicate with refugees before meeting them at the Matching session)
  • ARC, Passport, or State-Level ID (scan or photo)
  • TNKR Waiver (scan or photo)

*Recommended free scanning apps: CamScanner, Tiny Scanner

Step 2: To expedite your application:

  • Add Casey (“Y2KC“) on Kakao Messenger,  then send a message: “Hello, my name is (         ), I am an applicant with TNKR hoping to join Track 2.”
  • Join the TNKR Facebook group

Step 3: Study about TNKR

The application process and orientation session can go a lot faster when applicants are prepared and have a good understanding of TNKR’s special approach. Here are links to articles and videos about TNKR.

Step 4: Call us!

* Within three days of submitting your application, call and email TNKR co-founder Mr. Casey Lartigue at 02-6929-0942 and caseylartigue@lovetnkr.org. Be sure to ask any questions you have about the application process or about TNKR overall.

Step 5: Expedite your application!

* Become a Member. It takes just a few minutes to set up a fundraiser or to donate to a TNKR project. All are welcome to apply, but you can reserve a spot first by completing the application process and becoming a Member.


5/28-6/12 Application Period 1

6/14 Orientation 1 (open to all)

6/15-6/26 Application Period 2

6/27 Orientation 2

6/28 Orientation 3

7/6 Matching session (Members only)

7/10 Matching session (if refugees request more speech coaches)

7/10-7/31 Speech Prep Phase 1 (writing and editing)

8/1-8/22 Speech Prep Phase 2 (speech practice)

8/23-8/29 Final Preparation (visit the TNKR office)

8/30 Speech Contest