Meet Our Team

Casey Lartigue

TNKR Co-Founder

Casey LARTIGUE is Co-Founder and International Director of TNKR. He is the 2017 winner of the Special Contribution” Award presented by the Hansarang Rural Cultural Foundation and the 2019 winner of Challenge Korea’s “Challenge Maker” Award.

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Eunkoo Lee

TNKR Co-Founder

Eunkoo LEE is Co-Founder and National Director of TNKR. She is responsible for managing the organization’s behind-the-scenes work and staying in contact with refugees to learn about their needs and experiences within the program.

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Dave Fry

Assistant Director of Strategic Development

Dave FRY is the Assistant Director of Strategic Development. He is responsible for taking new, conceptual ideas, and bringing them to reality. He is a lover of history, languages, traveling, and teaching. An eternal optimist, nothing stands in his way when it comes to helping North Korean refugees.


Dan Cashmar

Track 1 Volunteer Advisor

Dan CASHMAR originally joined TNKR as a volunteer in September 2015, but in March 2019 became the Volunteer Advisor. He created and updates the Track 1 guidebook that the volunteers use, has run orientations and creates a monthly report on the volunteers’ reports. He has a BA in Political Science.


India Meyers

Assistant Academic Coordinator

Originally from the US, India is the Assistant Academic Coordinator at TNKR. Before becoming part of the academic team, she volunteered as a tutor for Track 1.  India is currently a graduate student at Ewha Womans University.

Sharon Jang

Office Assistant

Sharon is an Office Assistant at the Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center assisting TNKR co-founder Eunkoo Lee with accounting. Sharon first joined TNKR as a student in March 2015.

Sharon earned a High School diploma in North Korea in 2008, she is now studying for a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Seoul Cyber University.

Youngjoo Yoo

Office Assistant

In 2018, Young Joo joined TNKR as a volunteer tutor. She later joined TNKR as an Office Assistant, helping to manage both the ‘USA English Access Micro-Scholarship’ program and  the ‘Ivy League Reunification Conference’ project

Young-a Kwon

Office Assistant

Young-a Kwon is an Office Assistant with TNKR.