Meet the Refugees

TNKR refugees do great things. TNKR students have delivered public speeches in Korea, the USA, the United Kingdom, India, Nepal, and China. Four of TNKR’s North Korean ambassadors and students have published memoirs in English. Learn more about the refugees in TNKR’s program.

10 Refugees are currently fundraising for TNKR

Yeonmi Park

TNKR(Teach North Korean Refugees English) was one of the turning points of my life outside of darkness. The volunteer teachers showed me a hope for humanity through their love and care for people like myself who had nothing to offer. I cannot name them all, but every one of them showed me that the humanity’s hope was never lost when we stand together, help each other and fight for each other.
Please Donate to my 25th Birthday for a cause.

Jang Jin-sung

To date, I have not met anyone who helps North Korean refugees more selflessly than the the two co-founders of TNKR. North Korean refugees should be thankful to them more than anyone. Even though I am a board member, I have never really helped TNKR, which is something that I truly regret. I sincerely hope that more North Korean refugees would learn English through TNKR.

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Cherie Yang

“North Korean people all over the world need more great organizations like TNKR to support their adjustment to life in other countries with tutoring, coaching, and networking opportunities.”

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Amy Sung

“TNKR is ‘the bridge that connects with the world’ for North Korean refugees because English is an essential tool to integrate into society. TNKR is an angel. Its volunteers help refugees to improve their English from a basic to a high level, helping us adjust to this society.”

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Eunhee Park

“My life changed because of TNKR, it opened a whole new world to me. I used to be ashamed to tell people that I am from North Korea, but now I have the confidence to not hide my face or my name. Every day I am thankful to Casey and Eunkoo (founders) for helping me gain confidence 
in myself.”

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Ken Eom

“My best experience was when I made a speech at the OSAN Air Base. That was a really unusual experience in my life. I never expected that I would make a speech in front of the US military. Thanks, TNKR.”

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“TNKR is a superhero. It gives me the opportunity to spread awareness about North Korea to the world.”

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Sungju Lee

“TNKR is the best organization for helping North Korean refugees learn English. Through 1:1 tutoring, it allows us to choose the path for studying English, it allows us to tell our stories and educate the world about what happens in North Korea, and it allows us to reduce our fear of the “West” by learning English from the kindest of volunteers. More than that, TNKR empowers refugees, it gives them a choice in their lives, the ability to choose their own destiny.”

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Jihyun Park

“North Koreans are one of the most persecuted peoples in the world today. North Korea is in a unique situation in terms of its governance and human rights abuses and North Korean refugees present a unique set of challenges and adversities to overcome.”
“I am a North Korean refugee, I escaped North Korea and made a new life for myself and my family in the UK. One program that gave me hope was Teach North Korean Refugees in Seoul. I am proud to have been a student and now to be collaborating with it to bring more opportunities to refugees in the UK and around the world.”

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I was involved with TNKR by chance, but now I feel so lucky that I’ve got to know this great organization and they’ve become one of the big parts of my life. While intimately getting along with TNKR directors, staff and volunteers, I learned there are something in this world that’s more valuable than just economical things. But to do something special, you all know that we need the minimum financial stability. 
“I hope TNKR more grow someday to be able to provide students with some space to study and do more good things for North Korean refugee students like me.
It would be so greatful, you become a part of making the history of TNKR. Let’s do it together.
Thank you so much!”

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