Getting Prepared

Are you passionate about helping others? Do you want to make a difference in the North Korean community? Are you seeking a new and rewarding experience? If so, then we would like to hear from you!

Before becoming a TNKR volunteer, applicants are required to attend both an orientation and a matching session. Information about upcoming events, including orientations and matching sessions, can be found on our Events page. Based on feedback, refugees say they prefer longer term connections with tutors, at least: 3-month commitment, tutoring or mentoring at least twice a month, with each session lasting at least 90 minutes.

Track 1 focuses on providing 1:1 individualized English tutoring in a completely English immersion environment. We expect all tutors to be ready to teach English in English only. To learn why we decided to go “English-only,” please take a moment to read Casey Lartigue’s Korea Times column here:

Track 1: Individualized English Tutoring

Track 1 encompasses the English tutoring portion of TNKR’s volunteer services, and is intended for refugees whose English ability is limited or who wish to boost their existing skills through private, personalized lessons with fluent English-speaking teachers. Track 1 includes volunteer orientations, refugee-tutor matching sessions, and one-on-one lessons arranged between tutors and their students. All lessons in Track 1 are conducted in person, in English, and utilize a student-centered learning model, which prioritizes refugees’ personal study goals and interests.

After being accepted, applicants agree to attend the mandatory Track 1 Orientation and mandatory Matching Session (In-person for current TNKR members, online for non-members and others who can’t make it to the in-person Matching session)

Tutors will be expected to commit to at least three months, twice a month helping refugees develop their English skills. If you can’t commit to at least three months, clearly state that in your application.

March 28th Language Matching session

The Teach North Korean Refugees Global Education Center (TNKR) will be holding its 101st Language Matching session on March 28th, 2020.

The timeline:
Apply: Feb 28th-March 12th
Orientation for tutors: March 14 or 15 noon (attend either one)
In-person Matching session for TNKR members: March 28th
Online Matching session for all others (if requested by refugee learners): March 31st.

If you aren’t a TNKR member already, it is very easy to become one!

Application Process, Track 1 Flexible Tutoring

Apply here: Track 1, Tutoring

  • Formatted Resume (keep in mind this will be your one opportunity to communicate with refugees before meeting them at the Matching session)
  • ARC, Passport, or State-Level ID (scan or photo)
  • TNKR Waiver (scan or photo)

*Recommended free scanning apps: CamScanner, Tiny Scanner

To expedite your application:

  • Add Casey (“Y2KC“)  and Janice (“TNKR“) on Kakao Messenger,  then send a message: “Hello, my name is (         ), I am an applicant with TNKR hoping to join Track (   ).”
  • Join the TNKR Facebook group

Follow up!

After submitting your on-line application and e-mailing the required documents, please wait for a confirmation e-mail from TNKR.

The orientation session can go a lot faster when applicants are prepared and have a good understanding of TNKR’s special approach, so be sure to watch videos in the TNKR YouTube channel and read about TNKR’s history and process.

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